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December Birthstones

Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for December and is the birthstone of modern gemology. This gemstone was an ancient birthstone of December as far back as the Old Russian and Polish calendars. Turquoise is a semi-translucent to opaque gem that ranges from blue to green and often has veins of matrix running through it. This December birthstone is believed to possess many beneficial powers, relieving mental tension, good health, increased luck, and great fortune. It is said to bring peace to all those wearing it.

 Tanzanite is a modern birthstone that was added as America’s December birthstone in 2002.  It was only discovered in 1967 in a few square miles of land in Tanzania and is only found there. Tanzanite is an exquisite blue-purple variety of the mineral zoisite. Between the deep blue color and its limited supply, Tanzanite is treasured by many, even if your birthday is not in December.

 Zircon was traditionally the birthstone for December and remains the December birthstone in modern gemology, after the gemstone replaced Lapis Lazuli in 1952. Zircon is an underrated gemstone that is often confused with the synthetic cubic zirconia due to similar names and shared use as diamond stimulants. Few realize that zircon is a spectacular natural gemstone available in a variety of colors. This December gemstone is believed to bring peace of mind and prosperity.

 Lapis Lazuli is traditionally a birthstone for December and was a modern birthstone in the USA until February 2013, when the American Gem Trade Association replaced Lapis Lazuli with Zircon. Lapis Lazuli is an opaque deep blue gemstone mottled with white and yellow. It is believed to heighten awareness, expand your perspective, and free a person of negativity.

 Blue Topaz is the December birthstone in the Hindu calendar and is also listed as a modern December birthstone in the west. This transparent stone is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine.  Blue Topaz is believed to increase both physical and spiritual strength.

 Ruby is the ancient December birthstone in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Roman, and Indian calendars. This December birthstone is a red variety of corundum. Ruby is believed to strengthen the weak and bestow courage.

 Chrysoprase is the December birthstone in the old Russian calendar. This birthstone is a variety of chalcedony ranging in color from apple green to deep green.  Chrysoprase is believed to enhance emotional balance and prevent depression.

 Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is December’s traditional birthstone dating the whole way back to the 15th century. This December birthstone is a green variety of chalcedony sprinkled with red jasper. Bloodstone is believed to enhance courage, as well as physical strength.

 Onyx is the December birthstone in the old Tibetan calendar. This gemstone is a banded chalcedony of black and white, though black is the most popular color. Onyx is a grounding stone believed to protect its wearer from negativity.