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Gemstone Necklaces, Hand Made in South Africa

All Pendants in this Collection are One of a Kind

No Two are alike!

Amethyst Pendant Necklace in Clay from South Africa

Many People (men and women) collect these amazingly beautiful Pendants and wear whichever stone has the properties they feel they need for that particular day or event!

In Jens own words:

"My creations are born in a studio near a small coastal village in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South I work from my table at the Gratitude Cafe.

The Love that I have for the crystals, for my medium and for all of you Beautiful People out there has traveled with the pendants world-wide and given me endless Joy.

I love every step of the process; from capping, to painting, to and of course to hearing all the wonderful feedback from you all. Thank you so much for the appreciation that keep the new pieces coming! Each item is totally unique and hand-made by me, no two are ever the same.

Some of the orchestrations between the crystals and the receivers are truly humbling.

I can only stand in awe at the Divine Law that rules it all. By Grace. In Gratitude & One Love All Ways"

says"Each item is totally unique and hand-made by me, no two are ever the same".

PS: ( do not use the medication / metaphysical properties included in the packaging as a substitute for "" and your own discretion is advised.)"

How do these pendants differ from other clay pendants on the Market?

Made from air drying clay that is water-soluble once mixed and completely cures within 24 hours. In its final state if tapped on tooth the clay has a solid grainy cement-like texture. The crystals baked and although tricky to work with, this clay is not a polymer (plastic).

Can I get Pendant Wet?

To get your pendant wet, but wearing yours constantly through showers and swims for months on end will cause the clay to perish. 
Keeping yours dry will give it an indefinite .