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Lapis Lazuli

Tumbled Lapis Stone

Lapis-Lazuli is one stone sought after for generations; it is associated with royalty, honor, and ability. It is as well considered a stone which brings vision and direction to the wearer. Lapis-Lazuli is found in Afghanistan, which is the world’s top producer of this rock with India coming in behind as a second large producer. Smaller amounts are in Chile, Argentina, Canada, Russia, and Pakistan. Throughout the U.S., it can be found in small amounts throughout Arizona, California, and Colorado.

The Physical Properties of Lapis-Lazuli
Lapis is a sodium Aluminum Silicate with sulfur in the form of Lazurite with inclusions of Pyrite and White Calcite.  Lazurite, gives this rock its identifiable blue hue.    Since this stone is composed of three different minerals with each owning a particular density a density number would simply be an average, however, this stone is slightly porous and often treated with dyes and wax before being sold.

The History of Lapis-Lazuli
The ancient Greeks and Romans called the stone "sapphirus", until the term Lapis Lazuli was used in the Middle Ages.  
During the time of the Renaissance, it was crushed into a fine powder and applied to make paint for such works spotlighting the Virgin Mary and other sacred beings with which the blue hue was associated. Ultramarine blue was the paint used by such artists as Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Titian. Cleopatra also used this fine powder as eye shadow, giving her an iconic look that is even remembered today. This gemstone has been found as far back as the Neolithic era 3000 B.C., in the form of jewelry and ornamental objects.

The Lore of Lapis-Lazuli
Ancient Egyptians treasured this stone for its spiritual insights. Pharaohs such as King Tut and others had their tombs heavily decorated with this gem as it was thought to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. Egyptian artisans used this stone extensively in scarabs, pendants and other varieties of jewelry. 

The Metaphysical Properties of Lapis-Lazuli
It is believed Lapis- Lazuli is attributed to have properties that help intellectual analysis and problem-solving. It is regarded by many to be a stone of self-knowledge and reflection.    This beautiful stone is composed of three or sometimes more different minerals, each of which is attributed with different metaphysical properties.

Lazurite - Intuition and Psychic Development

White Calcite - Clear and Cleanse

Pyrite - Understanding, and Resolving

It is thought of as a leadership stone which provides a vision for the future and overall good judgment. It also associates with honesty and truth; this can refer to yourself or with others. Self-awareness and self-acceptance improve by using this stone. Lapis-Lazuli takes away the fear of displeasing others.