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Kambaba Jasper and Amethyst Pendant


Kambaba Jasper, also referred to as Star Galaxy Jasper, is primarily sourced from two geographical regions: Madagascar and South Africa. This ancient stone is thought to reduce distressful feelings and promote emotional stability.

Kambaba Jasper and Amethyst combine to form a potent combination, with Amethyst lending added fortitude and generating a positive energy field. Known to be a natural stress reliever, Amethyst offers protection to its wearer while Kambaba Jasper complements its power.

  • Gemstone: Kambaba Jasper and Amethyst
  • Size:  1.625" X  1" (approx.)
  • Setting Metal:  .925 Sterling Silver
  • Weight:  .2 Oz.   (Including gemstone & silver) (approx.)

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Handmade Larimar Pendant  Woman Owned Business  Social Good

Type: Unknown Type

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