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Sonora Sunrise Silver Pendant


Sonora Sunrise (some call it Sonora Sunset) is a naturally occurring combination of bluish-green Chrysocolla and bright red Cuprite.   Small amounts of black iron or iron oxide minerals are sometimes present.

The Chrysocolla and Cuprite are a powerful blending of minerals. Both minerals offer calming effects and work together for an amazing stone. Cuprite is a fantastic mineral to alleviate worry, and Chrysocolla is tranquil and harmonious.  

Together they offer a gentle grounding along with mental clarity.  Ideal for the person who is inundated and needs to be functional in the face of too many tasks.

  • Gemstone:  Sonora Sunrise
  • Size:  1.125"  (approx.)
  • Total Weight:  .18 Oz. (approx.) (including gemstone & silver)
  • Setting Metal:  .925 Solid Sterling Silver

Add a chain or cord 

Handmade Larimar Pendant  


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