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Black Tourmaline and Palo Santo Bracelet


Double Protection and Double the Grounding with this Black Tourmaline and Palo Santo Bracelet

Black Tourmaline, also called Schorl, is best known for its protection against harmful energy from people or the environment .  It also helps getting you balanced,  and thereby assisting  you in feeling that  self-confidence to speak your truth.  

Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" is a tree that grows in South America and is harvested only after the tree dies.  It is used for clearing negative energy, reducing stress and depression and the smell is wonderful. The Palo Sant Beads can heat up with the natural warmth of your skin, emitting a delightful scent.  The Palo Santo in this bracelet is Wild Crafted and Sustainably Harvested.

Decorative beads from Peru are added to make this bracelet even more special

  • Black Tourmaline, PaloSanto and Decorative Beads are 8mm (approx.)
  • Durable Elastic. One-size-fits-most
  • Handmade in Peru


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Type: Bracelet

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