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My Totem Tribe Spirit Animal Necklaces

My Totem Tribe Animal Totem Necklaces

My Totem Tribe is owned and operated by an indigenous woman and her family.

Chelsea Frank In Her Words:  Spirit animals have always been an interest for our family. Through their totem identity, our children learned to value one another's difference, take pride in their strengths, and also see areas in their lives that would require hard work to find a balance.

My Totem Tribe Family

A few years ago, our three boys began selling handmade totem animal necklaces at the Saturday Market. The jewelry creation process also served as a way to connect with their Native American culture and study art techniques. People loved the jewelry and my children enjoyed fattening their wallets, but we had not anticipated the reality that few of our customers were in touch with their identities. While totems were a new concept for most people, that didn't stop them from wanting to learn more about themselves.

They developed the line of Totem Spirit Animal Necklaces: 

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  Great and informative packaging! Fully packaged for gift giving or for yourself to learn more about your Totem(s)

Finding your spirit animal should be an enjoyable process, so do not stress if you do not find one easily. As you change and develop as a person, maybe you find drawn to a new animal and that’s OK, too. Hopefully learning about your spirit animal will help you relate to others as well as yourself. You can think about what areas your friends struggle or excel. Spirit animals can help you see the value in what makes us all unique and can be a way to bring storytelling back to life.

Or you can use this handy Astrology Chart as a place to begin your connection to your totem(s).

Zodiac Chart for Totem Spirit Animals

   If like me, you do not feel the connection with your zodiac totem spirit animal, then look at the others and see what you feel connected to.  That is what I did an a friend of mine felt connected to two animals so he simply layers the two and it works out great for him.  if you do not connect with your zodiac totem animal

Every totem tells a story