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Amethyst Multilayer Cord Bracelet


Amethyst Cord Wrap Bracelet

Materials:  Amethyst, Wax Cord, Stainless Steel Clasp


Bracelet Length:  31.5" (approx) + 3 closures for adjustability

Often Amethyst is one of the first stones to which people are attracted when beginning to learn about the mineral kingdom. 

Throughout cultures believed that amethyst could prevent drunkenness and overindulgence, therefore Ancient Greeks and Romans embedded amethysts in their goblets believing wine drunk from an Amethyst studded cup was powerless to intoxicate.

Today, Amethyst is considered an outstanding stone of spirituality and satisfaction, known for its capabilities to calm the mind.

Wearing Amethyst maintains the inner peace, balance and state of well-being.  

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* Since this bracelet is made of natural stones, the color slightly different from bracelet to bracelet, this bracelet is special and unique, just like you.

Type: Bracelet

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