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Gemstone Wrap Bracelet 3 Layers


Gemstone Three Layer Wrap Bracelet 4 focal stones to choose from

Stones:  Amethyst, Red Jasper, Sodalite and Amazonite

Bracelet Length:  21.16" (approx)

Metal Type:  Zinc Alloy

Amethyst was used in ancient Egypt, where it was referred to as "".  There it was used for its dream-inducing and peace-bringing properties.  In ancient Greece it was used for health, detoxification and peace.  Amazonite is often used by its bearer to assist in gaining clarity about what they can offer the world in terms of innate talents.

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* Since this bracelet is made of natural stones, the color slightly different from bracelet to bracelet, this bracelet is special and unique, just like you.

For more information on Amethyst see our information on the Amethyst Collection Page, Aventurine Collection Page

Type: Bracelet

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