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Blue Scheelite Silver Pendant


Blue Scheelite is often mistakenly called Lapis Lace Onyx, it actually has a base of calcite. If the stone has a yellow or gold color that indicates the existence of Scheelite while the blue strips are due to the presence of Blue Dolomite.

Blue Scheelite is used for balancing male and female energies as well as a belief that it strengthens self expression while allowing the wearer to let go of the little annoying things and create inspiration.

  • Gemstone:  Blue Scheelite from Turkey
  • Size:  1.5"  (approx.)
  • Total Weight:  .28 Oz. (approx.) (including gemstone & silver)
  • Setting Metal:  .925 Solid Sterling Silver

Add a chain or cord 

Handmade Larimar Pendant  Woman Owned Business

Type: Pendant