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Druzy Geode Wrap Bracelet


This Druzy Quartz wrap bracelet is composed of Amazonite, Picture Jasper, and Hematite, creating an attractive, muted palette.

  • Stones: Amazonite , Picture Jasper , Druzy Quartz  and  Hematite
  • Bracelet Length:  Approx 32.3 inches
  • Materials:  Leather and Zinc Alloy

Quartz is said to raise a person's personal vibration and can increase the vibration of other stones in its vicinity. Amazonite's energy is the wearer's personal truth by allowing the expression of one's heart through communication.  Picture Jasper is thought to allow the wearer to tune into to high energy areas in the earth.  Hematite is considered on of the most effective stones for grounding the bearer in body, mind and spirit.  

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* Since this bracelet is made of natural stones, the color may be slightly different from bracelet to bracelet, this bracelet is special and unique, just like you.

Type: Bracelet