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K2 Stone Azurite In Granite Silver Pendant


Bring Harmony to Yourself and Others with this Unusual K2 Pendant in a .925 Sterling Silver Setting

What is K2 Stone?

A rare combination of Azurite and Granite has been a recent discovered stone, it is exclusively found on, the K2 mountains of Pakistan- an extremely remote area of the world.  It may also be called "Blue Berry Jasper" or "K2 Japser"

  • Main Stone:  K2 Blue - Azurite In Quartz (aka:  K2 Jasper or Blue Berry Jasper)
  • Metal:  .925 Sterling Silver
  • Length:  1 5/8'' (approx.)
  • Weight:  .2 Oz. (approx.)

Type: Pendant

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