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Northern Flicker Earrings (Yellow-Shafted)


Asymmetrical Flicker Earrings made from Recycled Materials

One Flicker is in flight and you can easily see the Yellow under its wing.  The second earring is a flicker as it would be climbing.

Yellow-shafted subspecies lives on the east side of North America throughout the states and much of Canada. Their range extends west into the plains and Texas.  A common bird in many kinds of habitat with edges as well as towns and suburbs.

  • Upcycled Cardboard, natural shellac and surgical steel ear-wires
  • Handmade
  • Light Weight
  • Size: Flying Woodpecker  (tail to bill) 1 1/4",  Standing Woodpecker 1" L (Measurements are Approx)
  • To Learn More about these unique earrings visit the Jabebo Collection page.

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Type: Earrings

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