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Red-breasted Nuthatch Earrings


Eco-Friendly Red-breasted Nuthatch Earrings made of post consumer paper board

One Nuthatch is going up a trunk and the other is going down.

This nuthatch prefers conifer forests which restricts its breeding range to Canada and mountainous regions to the south. That includes the northeast US and Appalachia as well as the many ranges of the west. They may stay year round in these, but spread out and winter throughout the rest of North America as well.  They may come to your feeders if you have black oil sunflower or suet.

  • Upcycled Cardboard, natural shellac and surgical steel ear-wires
  • Handmade
  • Light Weight
  • Size: both Nuthatches are 1"  (Measurements are Approx)
  • To Learn More about these unique earrings visit the Jabebo Collection page.

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Type: Earrings

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