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Red-tailed Hawk Earrings


Asymmetrical Red-tailed Hawk Earrings made with Recycled Materials

One earring shows the Red-tailed hawk in Flight and the other is sitting up both show red tail.

These hawks live everywhere on the North American continent, in almost all types of open habitat where they can find their prey. Their habitat is widespread from prairie, meadows and open woodland to city parks and spacious treed boulevards. They can nest far up into Canada and most birds in the US stay around their home territory throughout the winter.

  • Upcycled Cardboard, natural shellac and surgical steel ear-wires
  • Handmade
  • Light Weight
  • Size: Flying Hawk  1 1/4"  L,  Sitting Hawk 1" L  (Measurements are Approx)
  • To Learn More about these unique earrings visit the Jabebo Collection page.

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Type: Earrings

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