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Rose Quartz Wrap Bracelet


Rough Rose Quartz Wrap Bracelet 5 Wraps Handmade 

Rose Quartz the Unconditional Love Stone

  • Materials: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Copper beads, Leather, Stainless Steel Clasp
  • Bracelet Length:  32.7" (approx) + 3 closures for adjustments

For centuries and all over the world Rose Quartz has been considered the quintessential stone of love.  First and foremost love for yourself.  Love for your Family, Friends, Community, the Earth, and the Universe.  

It is said wearing, holding or being in close proximity to Rose Quartz provides and envelope of love energy around oneself.  A common use belief is that wearing Rose Quartz to work can keep your interactions with others in the highest possible state of harmony.

Rhodonite  has long been used to help a person understand their purpose, as revealed by that person's talents and abilities.  It is also considered a stone of self-worth, by helping one in feeling a stronger sense of self.  

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* Since this bracelet is made of natural stones, the color maybe slightly different from bracelet to bracelet, this bracelet is special and unique, just like you.

Type: Bracelet