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Septarian Nodule Lightning Stone Pendant


Septarian Nodules known as "Lightning Stones" are found on the shores of the Western Lake Michigan. These concretions date back to around 50 million years ago, when they were formed from clay on the ocean floor. Subsequently, the cracks in these stones were filled in with Calcite sediment, resulting in a white to yellow hue. 

Many believe that due to its ability to nurture and ground the wearer, Septarian is thought to be beneficial in terms of both healing and protection. Furthermore, it can evoke contentment and provide insight.

  • Gemstone:  Septarian Nodule
  • Size:  1.75"  (approx.)
  • Total Weight:  .47 Oz. (approx.) (including gemstone & silver)
  • Setting Metal:  .925 Solid Sterling Silver

Add a chain or cord 

Handmade Larimar Pendant  


Type: Unknown Type

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