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Harmony Balls

What are Harmony Balls?


Personal note: When I was going through an incredibly stressful time in the early 90’s, someone suggested I wear a harmony ball to soothe my anxious soul. Harmony balls were not as readily available then. I found one and wore it consistently for about 2 years. I loved the way the light tinkle sound made me feel happier and it also piqued my interest in sound healing. When I recently noted that Harmony balls were becoming more available, I knew I had to offer them at Magnolia Mountain Jewelry.

When I wore my harmony ball in the 1990’s I had no idea of its intended purpose. And now all these years later I found the following:

Origins of the Harmony Ball

 The Harmony Ball pendants were originally conceived to bring a sense of peace and calm to its wearer. The pendants are often beautifully detailed, and they contain tiny chimes inside. These chimes make a barely audible sound during movement, creating a comforting effect that calms the mind much like the sound of soft rain or a morning chorus of birds.

Balinese women discovered that harmony balls can also comfort babies and help them relax by reminding them of the cozy, quiet atmosphere they enjoyed before birth.

Called by other names such as “bola necklaces,” “angel callers,” or “dream pendants” they have been part of Mayan culture for centuries too. They are believed to promote inner calm by calling out to the child’s guardian angel for help.

These special necklaces are usually worn low down on the belly when used for pregnancy. It is said that the mom-to-be (and the baby!) will benefit most if the necklace is worn by the 20-week point, which is when babies develop the ability to hear.

As mom does everyday things, the chime will ring with every movement. The baby will hear it, along with other comforting sounds such as mom’s voice, music, and other everyday noises that occur in the environment where the pregnancy takes place.

After the baby is born, many moms change the location of the Harmony Ball (position just beneath the collar bones) so that the baby can hear and feel the gentle sound giving moms yet another way to help calm and comfort the baby.

Harmony balls make a great gift for pregnant woman or for those experiencing major stress.

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