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Jabebo Studio Earrings

Nature Earrings -  Species Specific - Made in the USA - Hand Made

Jabebo Nature Earrings

Nature reminds us on a daily basis that no two things are alike, and it’s that natural beauty and diversity that makes everything so unique. That’s the philosophy that leads  Jabebo Earrings, to transform mismatched images and used cereal boxes into colorfully detailed earrings with educational and scientific themes.

We are proud to introduce a new line of species-specific earrings.
These earrings are made by Jabebo, in Bellefonte, PA from Upcycled materials.
Most earring pairs have different versions of the same species. One earring may be a bird flying and one standing.Blue Heron Earrings

In the case of the Monarch Butterfly one earring is the caterpillar of the Monarch and the other is how the butterfly looks once it has emerged from its’ chrysalis.

Jabebo Earrings are made with cereal box, paperboard which is a wood fiber that may have gone through paper recycling several times before.
Used paperboard is usually not selected for continued recycling because most of its wood fibers are worn and saturated with ink from previous use.
Many communities do not bother with recycling paperboard and still send it to the landfill.

Because Jabebo Earrings is a paper product, to increase their durability a clear coat is applied. Jabebo use shellac because it is a non-toxic, natural product and helps to filter UV light. It is also used to laminate the layers of paper together. It is sometimes used as a coating for food. For instance, a thin coating may be applied to chocolate to keep it from melting in your hands.

 Kevin Abbott, creator of Jabebo Earrings didn’t start out as an artist, but rather acquired a degree in Wildlife Ecology and worked several years as a field biologist, and later in museum education at the Smithsonian. He always dabbled in artistic projects to enhance his professional work, and the seed for Jabebo Earrings sprouted when his wife Mary suggested that he make her a pair of “mismatched” earrings with a sun on one side and a moon on the other.

We at Magnolia Mountain Jewelry are delighted and enthralled with these earrings - it is our intention to continually add additional designs over time (although we just can't wait to add more right now).

Enjoy and if you do not see a species you would like to wear, just let us know at

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