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Lemon Tree Earrings

Lemon Tree Earrings

Lemon Tree Earring is a U.S.A. based business in Longmont, Colorado as part of Left Hand Studios.

All of our jewelry is custom designed and hand-made by us here in the United States.

We purchase all our jewelry-making materials from U.S. Companies. By purchasing from us, you are helping to support our employees and their families, as well as our sales representatives, vendors, and suppliers.

We care about the health of our employees and our environment.

When you buy from us, you are also supporting safe working conditions, top-quality materials, non-toxic processes, low-energy use, and recycling…all which we practice at Left Hand Studios.

Jewelry by Lemon Tree is designed by artist, Lisa Boyd. Her pieces are made with a variety of materials including painted metal shapes and settings, glass beads, Swarovski crystals and pearls, charms, paper and rhinestones. Many styles feature painted paper on metal. The paper designs come from Lisa’s painting, photography and digital art, as well as from vintage designs, Asian motifs and designs that are licensed from other artists. Lisa’s love of color and pattern is reflected in Lemon Tree earrings. The designs are an eclectic mix of styles ranging from whimsical animals to bright florals to birds to abstract patterns. Many designs are inspired by nature.

Jewelry from Left Hand Studios was conceived to provide women with stylish, affordable and comfortable products made in the USA using only top quality, American materials.