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March Birthstones

March babies are spoiled because they have a choice of 3 different birthstones to choose from.  Aquamarine and Bloodstone as birthstones of the month and Amazonite as the high priest birthstone for March from the alternative list.


Aquamarine is a beautiful sea blue-green color of and is believed to keep you calm and peaceful, allowing you to remain in control despite any provocation.  It is also thought to clear blocked communications.


Bloodstone (also called Heliotrope) is typically a dark green containing red spots of iron oxide.  Many people love Bloodstone for its special properties.   These include wearing as a grounding shield, deflecting threatening situations and encourages mindfulness and acting in the moment.  I use it to calm my mind and dispel confusion and clarify my decision making.


Amazonite is a March birthstone from the alternative birthstone list that is based on one of the earliest interpretations of gems set in Aaron’s breastplate.  It is an extremely soothing stone.  It calms the brain and nervous systems. Also, many use it for opening intuition, for grounding and for seeing both sides of a problem.