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Spirit Animal Necklaces


Embrace your spirit animal with these unique totem necklaces, handcrafted by a family of indigenous artisans.

Each one tells a story and connects you to your place in the world in a powerful and meaningful way.

What makes these spirit animal necklaces so special:

  • Hypoallergenic, black oil-rubbed and gold-plated beads
  • Each bead comes on a black 1mm lace rope chain with a stainless-steel rotary clasp measuring 25”.
  • Included is a keepsake card with your thirteen power words and a story of your totem’s characteristics, lifestyle, historical symbolism, and insightful facts.
  • Totem is a powerful way to share your story. This tribal jewelry connects you to your role in this world in a meaningful way.  Stack your beads to show the connection to your spirit animals and your tribe.
  • A Native and a Woman owned business from Washington State, U.S.A.
  • To Learn More about My Totem Tribe Read our Totem Tribe Page

Available in 13 different spirit animals:

TurtleAre you feeling troubled and anxious? Sea Turtle can inspire you to relax and take a step back from your problems. 

 Sasquatch - can help you reconnect to nature and find inner peace and can help you find the truth and root out the inauthentic.

Owlrepresents letting go. Wear this totem when you need to shed a bad habit or move on from toxic situations.

Eagle - The Eagle totem can bring us down to earth. Turn to Eagle when you need to speak mindfully

Woodpecker - Woodpecker's drive and persistence can help you keep you focused on your goals, even when others may not understand.

Deer - Deer totems are worn as a symbol of prosperity, joy, and longevity.

Beaver - Beaver symbolizes hard work, dedication, and an enthusiastic spirit.  Wear Beaver when you need to focus on a large task.

Snake - Snake symbolizes wisdom, drive and prosperity.  Turn to Snake when you are stuck at a crossroads.

Bear - Wear Bear totem when you need to overcome your fear and stand tall

Frog - Look to Frog when you are undergoing a transition.  Frog symbolizes strength and steadfastness.

Cougar - Cougar symbolizes power, precision, independence, and good luck.  Wear Cougar when you need protection.

 Coyote - Wear Coyote as a reminder to be lighthearted. Let loose and enjoy the moment.

Wolf - Wear Wolf totem when you need guidance about your tribe. 

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