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Sacral Chakra Jewelry

The Second Chakra or the Sacral Chakra

The location of the Sacral Chakra (called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit) is just above the pelvic bone near the belly button. It is considered your vitality center and allows you to feel content in your own body. In fact, the Sanskrit word is translated to mean ‘your own abode’.
When your second chakra is balanced and open you tend to have enthusiasm for life and are able to work through a full range of emotions without being overwhelmed by them. You are able to enjoy the beauty of nature, music, art and generally be creative.
If your second chakra is repressed or blocked you will tend to miss the sweetness of life by perhaps becoming bitter without the ability to enjoy or spontaneity of life. Emotions can become troublesome or denied. You may be engulfed by negativity. The color orange stimulates the second chakra.
Here are a few stones frequently used to open, balance and heal the sacral chakra. (Some stones you may see used for other chakras as well.)
• Carnelian
• Citrine
• Coral
• Tiger Eye
• Moonstone (I know it’s not orange but second chakra’s ancient connection to the moon also connects it to the moonstone)
These are not substitutes for consulting with and or following your doctor’s advice. This short article is just the beginning of learning about your second chakra. 

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